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Integral Colors
Colors on this page are approximate and may vary
Color selections on this site are approximate.  The appearance of color may change when used on troweled or imprinted curbing. Variations can be expected due to job conditions, cement finishing techniques, use of sealers and slight raw material color drifts.  Due to the natural source materials in cement and handcrafted nature of imprinted concrete, variations are acceptable and desirable.
To obtain consistent results measure each mix.
Do not vary water/cement ratio when using color.
Do not use chloride admixtures.
Do not add water to surface while finishing.
Always seal colored concrete surfaces.

Curber's Choice makes no warranty of fitness or merchantability for any particular purpose and expressly disclaims liability for incidental or consequential damages whether based on negligence or warranty. Buyer's sole remedy shall be the refund of color purchase price from point of purchase.
WARNING: All concrete finishers and all on-site personnel must wear an OSHA-NIOSH approved dust respirator while applying or working around Curber's Choice Colors. Wear rubber gloves to protect skin and safety eye goggles.

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